About (Artist/Instructor) 


I completed my MFA in Painting at the University of Oregon in Spring of 2015. I earned my BA in Painting from Mills College in 2009. In 2015, I was awarded the Charlene Ho Award for Excellence in the Arts from the Ford Alumni Center in Eugene, OR. In 2009, I received the Herringer Prize for Excellence in Studio Art from Mills College in Oakland, CA. I am currently working in my studio and teaching full time at Linn Benton Community College. I am honored to have offered art classes at the University of Oregon, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Chemeketa Community College, and Mendocino Community College.  


Perhaps what attracts me most to art is its connectivity. It provides little inlets to almost every subject of study, sends out philosophical hooks that lead to deeper conversations, and has a merciless sense of humor. In the studio, I often ask myself what could be a better life? Teaching frequently causes me to ask the same question. The thing that I didn't realize as a student was just how much exploration, learning, and growth can happen as a teacher. Everyone has a unique vantage point to offer, a wealth of personally amassed knowledge, and distinct value within their work. In the art studio we (teacher/students) have the opportunity to see things through another person's hands, a chance for daily exchange, and near utopian possibilities.